Eversource and Boston officials have launched a new online resource center for building owners, facility managers and tenants of large- and medium-sized buildings in the city who want to find ways to make their spaces more efficient.

The Boston Building Energy Retrofit Hub is aimed at properties with 35 or more units or 35,000 square feet or more of leasable space. The intent is to connect interested parties to Eversource’s energy efficiency services, incentives and technical support to complete energy-saving projects.

Buildings account for more than 70 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the city, officials said. The city hopes to reach a point of carbon neutrality by 2050.

“The Boston Building Energy Retrofit Hub is an important resource as we strive to achieve carbon neutrality and mitigate the effects of climate change to ensure a healthy and sustainable future for the City of Boston,” the city’s Chief of Environment, Energy, and Open Space Chris Cook said in a statement. “Hands-on support and access to the latest information, trends, and specialized building technologies can be a catalyst for change. The resources and energy expertise offered through the partnership with Eversource is designed to drive greater awareness of the benefits of energy efficiency and more participation in these nationally-recognized programs.”

Boston’s 2014 Building Energy Reporting and Disclosure Ordinance, or BERDO, requires owners and managers of Boston’s large- and medium-sized buildings to report their annual energy and water use. Buildings covered must also show concerted efforts to reduce their emissions every five years through energy actions or audits.

Boston Commercial Landlords, Tenants Get Energy Efficiency Help

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