Well, this news is not likely to inspire any confidence in whatever e-security the Fed uses.

Anonymous appears to have published login and private information from over 4,000 American bank executive accounts in the name of its new Operation Last Resort campaign, demanding U.S. computer crime law reform.

A spreadsheet has been published on a .gov website allegedly containing login information and credentials, IP addresses, and contact information of American bank executives.

The author goes on to point out that the release may have been timed to coincide with the date by which Attorney General Eric Holder was to answer seven specific questions about the prosecution of Internet activist Aaron Swartz, who recently committed suicide. 

It’s not clear which banks were named in the leak, though it sounds like it was mostly community banks and admittedly, I found that a bit odd since public ire usually seems to be reserved for the big banks.  

Taken along with this news item of a California-based credit union whose website sustained a five-hour blackout after a cyber attack from a group based in Iran, it may be worth taking a closer look at the electronic security measures you have in place to guard against hackers.

Hackers and bankers and the Fed – oh, my!

by Banker & Tradesman time to read: 1 min