College students in Massachusetts are graduating with some of the highest debt levels in the country.

That’s according to LendEDU’s third annual Student Loan Debt by School by State Report, a comprehensive analysis of student loan debt statistics for colleges and universities throughout the United States.

The report is based on data from Peterson’s voluntary financial aid survey that collects responses from 1,080 four-year public and private institutions of higher education.

Student loan debt in the U.S. continues to be a huge issue. Total outstanding student loan debt now exceeds $1.5 trillion, making it the second largest form of consumer debt behind only mortgages.

In terms of individual student debt, the average borrower from the class of 2017 graduated with $28,288, an increase from $27,975 of average debt in the class of 2016.

In Massachusetts, 59 percent of students graduated with an average $31,319 in student debt in 2017, a 2.4 percent increase from the prior year. That ranks the Bay State 43rd in terms of average student debt. Pennsylvania students had the highest debt at over $36,000 on average, while Utah students had the lowest at $18,425.

MA College Grads Have Some of the Highest Student Debt in Country

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