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Developers of a proposed office tower at Downtown Crossing are responding to complaints about delivery trucks blocking neighboring streets by offering to install Boston’s second indoor truck turnaround.

In a new filing submitted to the Boston Planning & Development Agency, Midwood Investment and Development said the technology would minimize the effects of delivery truck traffic on Province Court and Province Street.

Since 2015, New York-based Midwood has been trying to redevelop the half-acre site at the corner of Bromfield and Washington streets, occupied by a cluster of retail buildings. An original plan for a 59-story residential skyscraper was replaced in October 2020 with a proposal for an office and retail tower, now totaling 22 stories and 427,000 square feet.

Located within a loading area, the motorized turntable would span 37 feet in diameter and rotate 360 degrees to maximize trucks’ maneuverability, according to the filing, similar to a device located at the Christian Science Center.

In a previous filing, Midwood responded to public comments by eliminating 2,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space and stepping back the first and second floors of the building facing Province Street by 10 feet to create a truck loading space.

Midwood also announced specifics on its mitigation fund recipients, including $400,000 to the Mayor’s Office for Early Education for child care, $25,000 apiece to the Asian Community Development Corp. and Chinatown Main Streets and $15,000 to the Asian American Civic Association’s food pantry. Housing funds would go to the the 41 LaGrange St. project, where the Planning Office for Urban Affairs and St. Francis House received approval in 2019 for a 126-unit mixed-income project in a 19-story tower.

Midwood Redesigns Boston Tower for Traffic Concerns

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