We here at Banker & Tradesman are no strangers to Bitcoin. Truth be told, I often wonder if I’m in some kind of unspoken competition with David Harris to find the strangest cryptocurrency news, which he definitely won this week when he tipped me off to CoinYe West.

Kanye West maybe wasn’t too happy about a virtual currency named in his honor, if we’re to judge from the cease-and-desist letter his lawyers sent to CoinYe’s anonymous coders. Apparently, the man himself has remained silent on this issue.

But more importantly, can you purchase a pizza or some home furnishings with CoinYe? And will mining it create a serious fire hazard in your home? Word on the street (and by “street,” I mean reddit) is that bitcoin and litecoin enthusiasts are none too impressed with CoinYe.

Which, come to think of it, about sums up my own feelings about its namesake.

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