It is a shame that the author of “Sea Level Rise Has Cost New England $403M in Property Value” didn’t do some vetting of the First Street Foundation, which has totally accepted the premise that man-made climate change is causing the sea levels to rise. Indeed, it is the reason for its existence. There are numerous factors that determine the price of real estate; one of those factors should not be based on bad science and a political agenda. 

The author could have interviewed local scientists like Prof. Willie Soon of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, or Joseph D’Aleo, cofounder of the Weather Channel, or retired MIT professor Richard Lintzen. These scientists would have explained to the writer that a slight increase in the earth’s temperature over 100 years will have no negative impact on the planet, and that an inch of sea levels rising over 25 years will not put Boston under water during high tide. I would be more than happy to put Banker & Tradesman in touch with these folks. If you want reliable information from entities that promote the free market, let me recommend the Heartland Institute, CFACT and Weatherbell. Your readers deserve sound and accurate information – not biased reports from folks who have an agenda – namely Agenda 21.   

 It is interesting to note that this week’s poll in Banker & Tradesman is: “Massachusetts real estate values are booming. Should transactions be taxed more?” 

Hal Shurtleff is director of West Roxbury-based Camp Constitution. 

Paper Should Question Impact of Climate Change

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