A few months ago, Banker & Tradesman asked its loyal readers to nominate deserving women in the finance, insurance and real estate sectors for our 2017 Women of FIRE awards. The nominations poured in and the judges narrowed it down to 15 women who stood out from the crowd. These women have shown substantial success in their field, they have demonstrated a commitment to professional and personal growth, and their work has enriched or advanced their field of endeavor. These women are mentors, philanthropists, leaders and innovators. They devote their time and their hard work to making their companies and their communities a better place for all. They serve as role models and mentors for their fellow female employees and they are paving the way in what were once male-dominated sectors. Congratulations to the 2017 Women of FIRE!

To read all of the profiles of this year’s winners, click here.

Recognizing Achievement And Celebrating Success

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