A proposed rezoning of Watertown Square to comply with the MBTA Communities law could generate construction of 2,600 housing units, many on parking lots surrounding commercial properties. Photo by Steve Adams | Banker & Tradesman Staff

Some Suburbs Roll Out YIMBY Welcome Mats

By Steve Adams
Leaders in Watertown, Needham and elsewhere are looking to go above and beyond the call of the MBTA Communities law even as those in other towns are making headlines with their resistance.

Commercial Interests: To Get Real Housing Production, Let’s Break Out the Carrots

By Scott Van Voorhis
It’s become increasingly clear that the MBTA Communities housing law is no silver bullet. So why not make new housing a profit center for towns and suburbs, rather than a perceived drag?

In Person: From Grunt Work to the Executive Office

By Steve Adams
Matt Maggiore got his start at his family’s Woburn-based construction and development firm as a laborer alongside young Ben and Casey Affleck. Now company president, he’s hunting for suburban Boston condominium development sites.

Hot Property: Seaport East at Commonwealth Pier

A winter garden reopened this month at Seaport East following a nearly year-long capital improvement project designed to refresh the 223,000-square-foot office tower’s common area amenities.

The Gossip Report

The third house in this week’s Gossip Report is connected to an infamous episode of local history. Legendary swindler Charles Ponzi bought and lived in it for about six weeks before his arrest in 1920.

Letter to the Editor: Eviction Sealing Bill Hurts Good Renters

It would cause landlords statewide to raise application minimums for income, credit and other screening metrics. It would ignore the clear alternative to the problem of discrimination based on past evictions.

Letter to the Editor: Federal I-90 Grant Deserves Celebration

The recent news that Massachusetts will receive a $335 million infrastructure grant for the Allston Multimodal Project is a massive victory for the Greater Boston economy.

The Housing Scene: Which Comes First? A Buyer’s Dilemma

By Lew Sichelman
Young people have many options when it comes to homeownership – perhaps too many. Should they get married first or buy their first home? Buy a dream car or a house? Find a dream house or a dream mortgage rate?

Be Bolder, Think Bigger to Solve Our Region’s Housing Crisis

By Jonathan Berk
Even if every possible new unit is built under the MBTA Communities reforms, we’d just end up right back where we are today, without housing policy in place to support the sustainable long-term growth of this region.

What’s Next for the Spring Market?

By Bernice Ross
Whether you’re a brand-new agent or a 40-year veteran, I sat down with market intelligence expert Rick Sharga to get the answers you need to cope with what’s ahead.

The B&T Weekly: March 17, 2024

by Cassidy Norton time to read: 2 min