As part of its educational efforts, the Boston Federal Reserve has rolled out a computer game aimed at educating players about the economics of the entertainment industry.

“Show Business: The Economic$ of Entertainment” is divided into two games. “Climbing the Charts,” delves into the market for the music industry, and “Another Action Hero” uses the film industry to teaches about the economics of international trade.

I took the former game for a spin, so I can’t speak to “Another Action Hero,” and admittedly, I can’t testify to the music on this one (because my work computer doesn’t seem to have sound). Judging from the jumping, glittering graphics and vaguely pop-star-looking avatars, I get the sense that I’m not quite their target demographic.

The game is definitely not for anybody who’s taken Econ 101, but I’d bet it’s still probably an effective tool for educating music-obsessed teenagers about some basic economic principles.

The Fed gets kewl (maybe?)

by Banker & Tradesman time to read: 1 min