This Month in History: A Space Race Booby Prize

Local legends to the contrary, Cambridge never truly stood a chance to host NASA’s “Mission Control” for its many space exploration missions. But the consolation prize turned into a mess that, nonetheless, cleared the way for today’s Kendall Square.

A Plan for Making Change

David Wluka has been in the real estate business longer than many Realtors today have been alive. As a residential and commercial real estate agent for nearly half a century, the Sharon resident has played key roles in real estate development south of Boston.

This Month in History: Pru Opens to Public

Boston’s tallest building: when it finished in 1965, the Prudential Center was a towering symbol of the city’s hopes for rebirth after residents, jobs and retailers spent decades fleeing to suburbia.

The Woman Who Reshaped a Waterfront

Boston only has the world-class waterfront it does today thanks to Vivien Li and her decades of work marshaling support from developers and elected officials to clean up the harbor.