Study Says Agents Still Steering Buyers

It has long been suspected that some agents engage in “steering” – guiding their buyer-clients away from low-paying listings. And the authors of a new, large-scale study say they’ve unearthed proof.

Vets Have Plenty of Housing Help

I am old enough to remember how the soldiers returning from Vietnam were “welcomed” home. Fast-forward 50 years or so, the country – and the housing sector – can’t seem to do enough for our fighting heroes.

How to Buy a House in Other Countries

It happens every election cycle: “If that guy wins,” one side or the other vows, “we’re moving to Canada.” It turns out that’s a lot harder than you might think in practice.

An Ode to Faded Design Trends

Features that were once sought-after can now leave a house feeling woefully out-of-date. But some still pine for sunken living rooms, 2-story foyers and 8-foot ceilings.

These Places Pay You to Move There

The much-discussed recent exodus to the hinterlands hasn’t included everyone. But some places, in need of fresh blood and a greater tax base, will actually pay you to move there.

Multigenerational Buying on the Rise

Prior to World War II, many extended families, lived together under one roof. And over the last few years, it has gained steam because of a number of factors – the pandemic and high housing costs among them.

Housing ‘Extras’ Add Up

Homebuyers who focus solely on the cost of their mortgage’s interest and principal are doing themselves a disservice. There are other recurring costs that should be factored into the decision.

Your Home Sale Fell Through. Now What?

Once in a blue moon, a cancellation works out to the seller’s advantage. For the most part, though, sellers have no choice but to grin and bear it. The first step is to determine what went wrong.

Too Many Agents Spoil the Pot

A new report suggests unskilled and incompetent real estate agents drain 25 percent to 30 percent of commission income away from the better agents in each housing market on top of the other headaches they cause.

One House, Forever

Imagine if your first house lasted your entire lifetime – that you’d never have to leave, uprooting your family in the process, and that you could even pass the place down to your descendants. Here’s how to do it.

Move-Up Buyers Often Overpay

If you brought a wad of cash with you from the sale of your old house, chances are pretty good you overpaid for your new place. A new study sheds light on how much.