No Immigrants, No New Housing

For any number of reasons, U.S.-born workers have been reluctant to join the construction workforce, leading to consistent labor shortages and rising wages – meaning the prices of new housing is going up, too.

Appraisals Fail Many Sellers

The real estate community has long complained about appraisals that lagged the market, but the report from the FHFA documents that their gripes are valid: Undervaluations spiked to 15 percent in 2021.

Recycle at Home, With Your Home

Scrap tires have been recycled for years into building products like flooring, infill decking and septic system drain fields. But they’re not the only thing. From coal ash to washed-up seaweed, our homes help reduce and reuse.

You Rarely Know All Your Agent Does

Good real estate agents go to great lengths to bring a deal to fruition. And much of what they do is behind the scenes, so you’ll never see it. And you think they don’t earn their commissions?

Too Many Agents, Too Little Training

Most brokerages tend to hire anyone who can fog a mirror, turning them loose with hardly any training other than what they learned to pass their licensing tests. And as a result, the business is overrun with too many agents chasing too few deals.

New Entrant Wades into Listings Portal War

If you’re like most house hunters these days, you started your search online. And chances are, you overlooked entirely. But starting in the new year, the site is planning to give the two heavyweights a run for their money.

Home Listings Now an Endangered Species

It’s time to place the for-sale existing house on the endangered species list, right alongside the African forest elephant, the Yangtze finless porpoise and other critically threatened varieties.

Don’t Burn Your Mortgage

A couple of years ago, a Florida church celebrated making the final payment on the church’s mortgage by burning the document. But that century-old ritual comes with some huge risks.

States Seek to Battle Foreign ‘Invasion’

Florida recently enacted a bill that limits some foreigners from owning property in the state – a move that shocked some. It’s one of six states that passed laws this year barring foreigners from buying homes.

Study Says Agents Still Steering Buyers

It has long been suspected that some agents engage in “steering” – guiding their buyer-clients away from low-paying listings. And the authors of a new, large-scale study say they’ve unearthed proof.

Vets Have Plenty of Housing Help

I am old enough to remember how the soldiers returning from Vietnam were “welcomed” home. Fast-forward 50 years or so, the country – and the housing sector – can’t seem to do enough for our fighting heroes.

How to Buy a House in Other Countries

It happens every election cycle: “If that guy wins,” one side or the other vows, “we’re moving to Canada.” It turns out that’s a lot harder than you might think in practice.