Kelly Baldwin

Kelly Baldwin is living proof that lollipops on the teller line, however simple they may be, are a terrific marketing tool for the credit union industry.

Sharon Birchall

Sharon Birchall knows that the difference between financial soundness and financial instability can be determined by a few simple decisions and practices, consistently carried out. She also knows that for many on the financial edge, it’s not easy to talk about their situations to a financial-institution staffer – particularly when their financial standing is on the line as they apply for loans or other products and services.

Niki Charalambous

Niki Charalambous started her career in banking before taking time out to raise her children. Nine years ago she returned to the working world and joined Community Credit Union (CCU), quickly warming to credit union life.

Rica DeMoranville

Talking about the importance of customer service is pervasive in credit union circles, but Rica DeMoranville goes the extra mile when doing business with members.

Lloyd L. Hamm Jr.

Just 24 hours after Lloyd Hamm Jr. interviewed for the position of president and CEO at Grafton Suburban Credit Union last spring, he found himself meeting with the entire board of directors.

Thomas Hankard

When someone says they like to work with people, you might imagine they would become a nurse, librarian or teacher. But for Thomas Hankard, a career in the financial industry has given him the best opportunity to share his penchant for helping people.

Nicole James

If you ask Nicole James what she likes about working in the credit union industry, she might tell you it’s her bosses. That’s a good thing – since she has about 50,000 of them.

Trecia Marchand

Trecia Marchand got an early start on her path to being a Credit Union Hero. She’s been a credit union member “since I was a little kid,” she said.

D. Oscar O’Connor

As a longtime executive at Leominster Credit Union, Oscar O’Connor has played a role reinvigorating the housing market of north-central Massachusetts.

Edward Petras

When the marketing department at Sharon Credit Union asks employees for testimonials on Edward Petras, it becomes flooded with glowing reviews of the commercial banking officer.

Michael Shuman

A natural-born problem solver, Michael Shuman never expected this innate quality to lead to a career in finance.

Jonah Wein

If you’re a nonprofit, business or academic institution looking to deepen your connections in the Brockton community, then Jonah Wein is your guy.