Be Thankful for Equity Trailblazers

Three trailblazers this year showed what’s possible to increase access to capital for underrepresented consumers and entrepreneurs – not out of some sense of charity, but because it’s good for business and our community.

Celebrating Joy in Justice

If you’re trying to make change in your organization, fatigue – yours and your coworkers’ – can be a huge obstacle. Here are three ways to help get around that and keep momentum going.

What Does It Mean to Mean It?

Legendary musician and activist Harry Belafonte’s recent passing challenges us with a question: If fame and fortune were yours in abundance, would you still prioritize making a difference in the world?

Why ‘Anti-Woke’ Is Bad for Business

The party that once said it wanted the government to be so small it could be drowned in a bathtub now wants it to be big enough to be everywhere – in libraries, business strategy and uteruses. It’s not future-facing, and it’s not good for business.

Four DEI Resolutions for 2023

These DEI resolutions for 2023 make sense for businesses not only socially, but also economically. And why wouldn’t they? Increasingly, those two goals are one in the same.