Foreign Firms Make Inroads on U.S. Homebuilding

As federal and state authorities continue to clamp down on foreign investments in American businesses and real estate that could pose a risk to national security, some foreign entities are expanding into American homebuilding.

These Show Homes Take Different Paths

Two model homes being showcased at this week’s International Builders’ Show try to offer solutions to some of today’s biggest challenges: sustainability and the difficulty of “trading up” as your family changes.

Recycle at Home, With Your Home

Scrap tires have been recycled for years into building products like flooring, infill decking and septic system drain fields. But they’re not the only thing. From coal ash to washed-up seaweed, our homes help reduce and reuse.

Triple Whammy Slows Homebuilders

Homebuilders are an optimistic bunch. They normally purchase land or finished lots, spend thousands on lumber and myriad other materials, and start putting up houses – often before the first customer walks in the door. That’s not the case now, though, and hasn’t been for months.

A Background in Construction Leads to Condo Pipeline

After starting out in suburban home construction, J.D. Wild is adding to the multifamily inventory in Boston neighborhoods that are seeing a surge of condominium construction as head of Boston-based Elevated Realty’s development business.