Survey Unpacks HOA Gripes

An estimated 74 million home and condominium owners now live in properties governed by associations of their fellow residents. And a new survey finds 4 out of every 5 folks living with an association would just as soon live elsewhere.

Cons and How to Spot Them

Confidence games come and go. But some seem to go on forever. And some real estate cons are worth remembering, if only because how successful they were.

How to Exit a Sales Contract

There are a bunch of ways to get out of your contract if you get cold feet. But failing to show up at the scheduled closing is not one of them. It’s wrong, and you could open yourself up to lawsuits.

DIY Comes with Some Peril

Many do-it-yourselfers, especially rookies like me, aren’t as fortunate. More than 9,000 injuries chronicled in 2020 resulted in amputations.

Sale Fees Don’t Always Jibe with Price

At the same commission rate, real estate agents who sell an $800,000 house receive eight times the compensation of those who sell a $100,000 home. But does it take eight times the effort to sell the more expensive property?

Act Quickly to Avoid Foreclosure

Experts say that a 2008-style housing crash is unlikely to happen now, if only because lending standards are much tighter than they were prior to the Great Recession. Still, foreclosures are starting to tick upward.

Title Theft Company Lies to Consumers

Calculating people are always looking for ways to separate the rest of us from our money. Such, it appears, is the case with Home Title Lock, an outfit that promises to “protect” you from home title theft.