What Would MLK Say About Your Equity Effort?

MLK Day is always a hard one for me because the celebration presents as performative and highlights our continued hypocrisy with race. Take some time to learn about the evolution of his leadership in civil rights and how his journey evolved into being a movement dominated by concepts of economic justice and equity.  

Designing to Make a Difference

A bank renovation project launched Gregory Minott’s entrepreneurial career at age 18 and piqued his interest in architecture. Now, leading Boston’s DREAM Collaborative, he’s trying to build new pathways for Black professionals in architecture and more inclusive city planning.

Zoom Opens Doors for Diversity in Architecture

As architectural firms switched to work-from-home models in early 2020, executives worried about lost opportunities to ramp up racial equity programs in an industry where Black employees comprise just 2 percent of the workforce.

Time to Change the Conversation Around Diversity in the Suburbs

At a moment when so much is unclear, one thing is not: We need all hands on deck for what will be a difficult several months for our regional economy. The sooner we make our businesses diverse and inclusive, the nimbler and better prepared they will be – for the recession and for writing the economy’s next chapter.

A Front-Row Seat on Lab Construction Boom

Imran Khan’s role as director of science at Boston-based architects Margulies Perruzzi places him squarely in the forefront of the region’s R&D development boom. A 25-year veteran of the Boston-area architecture industry, Khan has designed office- lab space for industry leaders.

Take Action on Equity in 2021

With this interminable year almost behind us and vaccines promising an end to the COVID-19 pandemic by fall 2021, many are eager to get back to their pre-2020 normal. In at least one key respect, however, that would be a mistake.