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HELOCs Step into the Gap

More homeowners – and lenders – are turning to home equity loans and lines of credit in the face of historic levels of tappable equity and rising mortgage rates that make cash-out refinances unattractive.

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Who Wants to Move Right Now?

Massachusetts’ housing market measurably cooling, but inventory is – so far – not rocketing upwards. The causes, experts say, are complex.

Triple Whammy Slows Homebuilders

Homebuilders are an optimistic bunch. They normally purchase land or finished lots, spend thousands on lumber and myriad other materials, and start putting up houses – often before the first customer walks in the door. That’s not the case now, though, and hasn’t been for months.

Two Housing Subsectors Set to Strengthen 

Two relatively small housing submarkets are starting to show signs of strengthening. One of those markets: renters looking for more space, both inside and out. The other: people looking to get away from it all, if only for a few weeks.