Hot Lead Generation Strategies for 2021

Would you like to make your lead generation dollars go further in 2021? An excellent way to achieve this goal is to laser focus on your top three lead generation activities that produce the highest number of closed transactions.

How I Turn Renters into Homeowners

Most agents don’t want to be bothered with rental leads, yet they can be a great source for both buyers and future business. The question is how do you convert renter leads who don’t know they are qualified to buy a home right now?

Why Some Teams Fail

Are you thinking about starting a team or do you already have one? Failure to keep an eye out for these mistakes can result in disputes within your team, cash flow problems or even the disbanding of your team. 

Limit the Cost of the ‘Nibble’ in Negotiations

One of the costliest strategies during a negotiation is what is known as the “nibble.” Everyone knows that “nibbling” on a regular basis can result in a significant weight gain. Many buyers and sellers engage in the “nibble” as a negotiation strategy that can be extremely costly to the other party’s bottom line.

How to Survive Shifts in the Housing Market

To succeed in a declining market, focus on generating more buyer leads. You must also aggressively price your listings slightly below market value, or your sellers will end up “chasing the market down.”

How Does Your Listing Presentation Stack Up?

The general manager of my company recently lost her father-in-law and her family is preparing to sell his home. If you have ever wondered why consumers don’t get your value or challenge you on the commissions you receive, their experience illustrates why this is the case.