Deed-Restricted Condos Are a Missed Opportunity

At first glance, deed-restricted affordable condominiums seem like a strong policy tool to address the housing shortage. But the current structures governing these units locks their owners out of generational wealth – and even the ability to finance their purchase.

ONE Mortgages Succeed With Black And Latino Borrowers

ONE mortgages have done an outstanding job of helping black and Latino borrowers in Massachusetts purchase their first home, but it is also becoming less effective as area home values rise, according to recently released Data from the Massachusetts Housing Partnership of Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data.

NAR Concerned About Senate Tax Bill

The National Association of Realtors came out strongly against the tax cut bill passed by the Senate this weekend, saying it “puts home values at risk and dramatically undercuts the incentive to own a home.”

Gutting The MID Harms Homebuyers

The mortgage interest deduction is the tax break all the smarty-pants love to hate, especially economists. It’s a big subsidy for wealthy homeowners and it doesn’t do much to encourage homeownership, they say.

We Didn’t Start The Fire

Have you heard? According to media reports, the Millennials are responsible for the death of pretty much everything. Wine corks, napkins, the American Dream, the beer industry, homeownership – it’s a pretty long list.

Paradoxes Of The Economic Recovery

The economic rebound from the 2008 recession is a rising tide that doesn’t necessarily lift all boats. Several sectors are showing mixed-blessing results, including credit card lending, retail, manufacturing, real estate and some financial sectors.