Is Greater Boston in a Real Estate Bubble?

Is the price of Greater Boston real estate unfairly high? Are we about to see a correction? These questions ought to weigh heavily on investors’ minds, particularly now as arguments (at least among landlords) seem to intensify.

Housing Mega-Investments Better Spent on Rezoning Push, Transit

Last week, Google announced to some acclaim it would spend $1 billion to build 15,000 market-rate and 5,000 affordable homes in the housing-starved San Francisco Bay area. Before any like-minded Massachusetts actors get a similar idea, we suggest a better use of that money would be helping efforts to modernize our mass transit and suburban zoning laws. 

Why We Support More Housing

We need to provide compelling-enough incentives and rewards for neighborhoods that approve the development of new affordable housing units, while at the same time promoting the social benefits of doing so.

Learn a Lesson from San Francisco

Are you pumped that Amazon might pick Boston or even Somerville for its new global headquarters? Be careful what you wish for. Mayors and newspaper columnists, lawmakers and business executives alike are stoked over the possibility that Jeff Bezos might pick Boston for his company’s new digs and bring with him 50,000 jobs. But apparently the folks who run this town would rather tiptoe around the elephant in the living room than spoil this delightful fantasy of Boston as Silicon Valley East.