Burlington Plots New Course for Mall Area

Burlington is blazing a new zoning trail that other suburban towns may be following in coming years, hoping for new housing and better pedestrian connections in the commercial district near the Burlington Mall.

Housing Could Be Retail’s Savior

A hurricane of an economic storm is now headed straight for some of the most successful malls in the region, leaving them suddenly vulnerable in a way that just a few months ago would have seemed impossible. 

As Malls Evolve, So Must Zoning

Flexible zoning which can allow developers to quickly respond to market demands is not only critical to allow these retail centers to adapt and evolve, but also essential to help maintain a municipality’s tax base.

The Retail Apocalypse Has Come to Boston

While the urban core in Boston and its environs appears poised for continued growth amid an explosion of luxury condominium and apartment towers, it’s a different picture in the suburbs, where the loss of major anchor stores is hitting the hardest. 

Industrial Gains, Retail Repositioning

In the commercial real estate world, one could say the retail sector’s loss was the industrial sector’s gain in 2018. The same can’t be said for the hotel sector, where most everyone’s gains contributed to the hospitality industry’s growth last year.

A Tale of Two Urban Malls

No, the mall is not dead. In fact, the Boston area is seeing significant investment in various existing malls, from CambridgeSide, to the newly announced Burlington Mall renovation.