Leadership Lacking from T Board

The T is in crisis, and if the current board isn’t going to cooperatively push T leadership and serve as one of the public’s primary windows into the agency, new members must be found who will.

The Next Steps for the MBTA

Transforming the organization will require new leadership, a new culture and new funding plans. Each of these changes can begin right now.

Fund the T, for Safety’s Sake

With a federal safety investigation underway, the legislature must first fix the MBTA’s operating budget deficit so safe operations can be funded without service cuts. Next, it must provide accountability where the current MBTA board has failed.

The T’s New Board Should Embrace FMCB’s Vision

A new board of directors is now in place at the MBTA, and we will soon learn if this means a new direction for public transit in this region. They should focus on implementing the FMCB’s ideas rather than any attempts to revisit the debates of the past few years.