Loan Comparison Sites Not All Fair

Uncle Sam’s chief financial watchdog agency has fired a warning shot across the bow of consumer-facing comparison sites and mobile apps that steer consumers to the lenders that pay the sites the most.

Lenders Compete, Who Wins?

The prospect of a spring mortgage market with fewer homes available for sale has Massachusetts lenders preparing for a challenging and competitive 2023.

Mortgage Market Opens for Gig Workers

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac shut many self-employed buyers out during the pandemic. But now, those rules are gone and some lenders, perhaps sensing a grand opportunity to boost market share, are targeting gig workers directly.

Santander to Exit U.S. Home Lending

Santander Bank’s parent company plans to discontinue U.S. home lending and review some of its commercial and industrial lending segments as part of a strategy to accelerate profitable growth.

CFPB to Evaluate HMDA Rules Changes

Citing studies that have found racial disparities in mortgage lending, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said it plans to review recent changes to the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) rules and has requested public input on those rules.