Step Up to Protect Zoning Reforms

The all-too-familiar cycle of well-off suburbs shirking their duty to the rest of Massachusetts appears to be starting again as local leaders game out ways to avoid new transit-oriented zoning reforms. But you have a chance to help stop it.

War on Vacancies Heats Up

Retail has been the weak link in Greater Boston’s commercial real estate boom, and one that’s attracting increased scrutiny from municipalities because of vacant storefronts’ tendency to sap vibrancy and spread blight.

Local Lenders Don’t Fear Zillow

While online real estate giant Zillow’s foray into mortgage lending might seem scary initially, it is unlikely to have too much of a detrimental impact on local, more personalized lenders, those same lenders say.

Towns To Pilot Bus Rapid Transit Features In 2018

Communities around Greater Boston, in partnership with the MBTA, will seek to create faster and more reliable commutes for more than 30,000 bus riders through a sequence of three pilot projects testing bus rapid transit (BRT) features over the course of 2018.