As Resort Towns Flourish, Lending Tightens

As the market for vacation homes continues to forge ahead at an almost unprecedented pace, the two major suppliers of financing funds have put a lid on the number of mortgages for such properties they will buy from primary lenders.

Some Would-Be Buyers Have Given Up

In today’s high-pressure market, where being first with an offer isn’t necessarily the key to getting it accepted, the entire process can sap the energy out of even the most prepared wannabes.

Let’s Stop the Demolition Derby

What if builders stripped out the good stuff – cabinetry, doors, windows, bathroom fixtures, hardwood floors – before bulldozing old dwellings? Then those materials could be used in remodeling jobs, incorporated into new construction, or sold. 

Low Rates Stymie Some Sellers

The lowest mortgage rates in 11 years have brought wannabe homebuyers off the bench and onto the playing field in droves. But low-cost mortgages don’t always help the market.