Go Bigger on Accessory Dwelling Units

A provision in the so-called “YIMBY Bill” before the state legislature that would legalize accessory dwelling units on all residential properties statewide is an excellent idea. But Beacon Hill should think even bigger.

Legalized ADUs Can Help Aid Homeownership

Housing markets everywhere are in a tough way. Prices and interest rates are so high that most first-time buyers don’t have a prayer. But this coming year, state legislators could put a potentially powerful tool in buyers’ hands.

ADUs Should Not Be Controversial

If this crop of state legislators can’t move ADU legalization forward, can we really trust them to take the more substantive actions still needed to move the needle on our housing supply crisis? 

New Hope for Housing Production

Increasing both the number and types of homes available across the state is a key component to ensuring that the state remains inclusive and thriving. A new law offers hope we will be able to do just that.