Will Mass. Legislature Meet the Moment?

Banker & Tradesman’s editorial board is right to underscore the legislative urgency of this moment. The impacts of the pandemic and the damaging legacy of racial injustice continue to put our entire commonwealth’s future at risk.

Strip Malls: Housing’s New Frontier

As the region’s suburbs work to tackle their housing, environmental, economic and racial justice challenges, one of the keys to success may be hiding in plain sight: the humble strip mall. Learn more at an MAPC webinar on Jan. 11. 

Affordable Overlay an Effective Tool for Boston

I applaud Mayor Michelle Wu for making Boston’s housing affordability crisis an early focus of her administration. Cambridge shows that a zoning overlay which boosts affordable housing development can produce more affordable units than inclusionary zoning.

ARPA Money Can Help Fund Housing

I applaud Gov. Charlie Baker for proposing $1 billion in new funding for new rental and homeownership opportunities. At the same time, we also must seize this opportunity to invest in our existing housing stock to make it more affordable.

Buyers Can Do Better Than FHA

Real estate professionals who do not make their clients aware of non-FHA options are doing them a great disservice. In this hot housing market, LMI buyers need more buying power, not less.

Harbor Decision Protects the Public

The Superior Court decision on the Downtown Municipal Harbor Plan, or MHP is a victory for protecting open access to Boston’s beautiful waterfront. It’s also an opportunity to reimagine what waterfront development should look like. What it is not is a decision about any one individual project.

Financial Coaching Will Break Cycle

Minority homeownership rates have grown little since the Fair Housing Act was passed in 1968. The answer is to create an AmeriCorps of financial educators who can help homebuyers of color afford homes – and keep them.