Signs Are Still Silent Salespeople

Some sellers have a good reason for not wanting one. But for most people, “For Sale” signs are a 24-hour marketing tool that shouldn’t be ignored, even as house hunts mostly start online.

If It Smells, It Won’t Sell

There’s an old adage in real estate: “If it smells, it won’t sell.” And thanks to the pandemic, there are growing numbers of pets – and their smells – in houses hitting the market.

Secure Winter Curb Appeal, From the Top Down

The number of houses for sale is beginning to increase, bidding wars are not as prevalent, and the housing sector is moving into what are normally the slower fall and winter months. So, sellers need to be doing more to attract the attention of would-be buyers.

Most Listings Lack Key Elements

Sellers whose listings do not include virtual tours, professional photographs and floor plans are being cheated by their real estate agents. Without the proper visuals, homes will likely take longer to sell and fetch a lower price. 

How to Create a Video Tour

Buyers these days go online to discover what’s available. And with the pandemic still very much a concern, they tend to visit the houses they find appealing by taking a virtual tour rather than an in-person look-see.