City Property Push Could Aid Transfer Tax

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu gave the state legislature perhaps her strongest argument yet to accept her transfer tax proposal last week when she laid out a goal of creating affordable housing “as quickly as we can.” on over 1,200 underutilized city-owned properties. 

Should Luxury Condos Subsidize Affordability?

Anecdotal evidence that many of Boston’s newly built luxury condos sit unoccupied as part-time residences or “wealth storage lockers” for out-of-town investors is bolstered by the findings of a new housing market study.

Harvard Sells 62-Acre Property After Lengthy Dispute

The town of Weston has completed its $13.4 million acquisition of the 62.5-acre Case Estate nursery from Harvard University, which was delayed for nearly a decade after environmental contamination was discovered, leading to a dispute that ended up in court.

Searching For Solutions

How bad is the Massachusetts housing mess? So bad that Waltham is about to do what would have been unthinkable a decade or two ago: creating its own, Section 8-style housing voucher program similar to what the feds run.