Community Good Works

Hanover-based Rockland Trust, through its charitable foundation, gave $20,000 grant to Root NS for its youth culinary job training program. See who else gave back.

How Chief Risk Officers Guard Banks’ Credit Quality

As the industry faces the risk of loan delinquencies amid a high interest rate environment, inflationary pressures and more vacancies in office properties, Massachusetts’ community banks are promoting risk officers into their executive leadership teams to guard against credit risks.

Community Good Works

Monson Savings Bank said it gave $6,000 to Link to Libraries, a nonprofit that will use the money to donate books to local schools, and executives surprised one of the schools set to benefit with a visit bringing some of the donated books. See who else gave back.

Community Good Works

Nine banks and construction firms came together to raise $265,000 for one of the biggest housing and homelessness services providers serving the southern Greater Boston area. See who else gave back.

New CRA Rules Could Make Banks More Careful with Growth

After the release of the new Community Reinvestment Act rules last month, community groups say banks must be careful in expanding too fast, and instead should focus on improving lending and investments in low- to moderate-income communities in areas they already serve.

businessperson balancing on lines of a chart like a tightrope walker

Banks Grapple with Dilemma: Recession or Soft Landing?

Massachusetts’ banks are caught between conflicting economic signals – growing concern about commercial real estate loans on one side, positive business sentiment and a record-low state unemployment rate on the other – and appear to be reacting conservatively.